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Family hotels - what it really means

At the beginning, it was it was a simple restaurant, then it became a small inn with a few rooms. This is how the Verdolin family’s hotel experience began, back in the days of grandparents Ettore and Bruna.
Then the business took off, while daddy Lorenzo, still a little boy, was starting to get to grips with what would become his job several years later. A job that led him to manage several hotels together with Elvira, until he shared the Enjoy Garda Hotel project with her and Nicola and Alberto. If it is true that Nicola and Alberto are the organisational engine and point of reference for marketing and communication, it is equally true that Elvira and Lorenzo are the heart and soul.

Lorenzo’s passion and friendliness

Lorenzo’s heart is in everything he does. After all, successful projects are never based on a series of cold calculations or the methodical repetition of predetermined operations, but draw strength from the dedication and care that a person puts into the things they do. This is what really makes the difference. If you have already been our guest, you know very well that at the Enjoy you can often see Lorenzo walking among the customers, because welcoming them and talking to them is a real vocation for him. He cares a lot about their satisfaction and their smile is the greatest gift he can receive: Perhaps this is why he likes to linger in the lobby to joke and laugh with the guests. There are also those who swear they have often heard him making jokes in Veronese dialect, although not everyone could understand him! Lorenzo also has a real fondness for children, with whom he often stops by to tell them about the day he just spent at Gardaland, the famous amusement park located near Enjoy. He is familiar with those dreamy eyes that glow as they tell him about dragons, model trains, flying ships and incredible magic tricks. If you visit us, you can rely on him for anything you need, because solving guests’ problems quickly is of prime importance to him.
You know those hotels where, if you have a problem, you report it and at the end of your holiday they still haven’t solved it? Well, they certainly don’t have in their staff a guy like Lorenzo, a very practical and efficient man, who takes care of everyone as only a good family man is able to do.

The discreet and elegant presence of Elvira

The soul of the Enjoy is represented by Elvira, a constant and never intrusive presence, who with her more introverted and reserved character knows how to be there without being noticed.
She is indispensable, in every situation.
Elvira is a mother and you can see it, because inside the Enjoy she reproduces all the family dynamics she knows best.
And so you can see her arranging the hotel’s centrepieces and vases, taking care of the orchids that harmoniously decorate the rooms and baking very successful cakes and sweets, such as her delicious tiramisu and the unforgettable panna cotta (make a note of that, because we recommend you try them when you come here).
When we talk about the ‘feminine touch‘ we are definitely referring to her, who knows how to look at everything around her with attentive eyes, ready to make it more graceful with the addition of a detail, a light touch and sometimes just with her most beautiful smiles.
But Elvira is not just that, because another of her roles is related to quality control.
She cares a great deal about the cleanliness of the rooms, which she and the housekeeper scrupulously inspect.
She makes sure that everything is in order and ready to welcome guests, because she wants them to feel at home when they arrive, with freshly laundered sheets and comfortable rooms.

Family hotels – what it really means

Together, Elvira and Lorenzo have given so much and will continue to give so much to all customers who decide to spend their time at the Enjoy.
Whether it’s holidays, work or visits to the neighbouring hospital they are always there, like a caring mother and father.
Because if you think about it a little, you will realise that the expression ‘family hotel’ means just that: the presence of people capable of caring for someone, of solving problems that arise, of giving advice. But it also means being able to chat and smile together with them, enjoying a good piece of cake prepared with love and finding a room that is always clean and tidy. And then – as in any family – it is the people who make the difference. And when you talk about people like Elvira and Lorenzo the welcome becomes a unique experience.

Where we are

Need a "strategically located hotel"? That’s us! Enjoy is

3 minutes away from the motorway exit (1km)
5 minutes on foot from the railway station
10 minutes on foot from the historical centre of Peschiera and the shores of the lake
Few kilometres away from Garda’s main spas
2 km away from Gardaland and within walking distance of the free bus stop
Within walking distance from the Pederzoli nursing home

How to reach us

We feel it is important to give you all you need to live, know and understand our land, so you can feel at home, part of the family.

Peschiera is a great starting point to visit the three shores of Lake Garda (touching three regions: Veneto, where we are, Lombardy and Trentino), each with typical features, customs, traditional food and wines.

By Car

Enjoy Garda Hotel is situated only 1,5 kms away from the motorway A4 Milano-Venezio (exit Peschiera del Garda).

By Train

As it is set in a central location, we are only 100 meters far from the town train station Peschiera del Garda.

By Air

The closest airport is the Catullo (in Villafranca di Verona).