Dad is the suppliers’ nightmare. He is so meticulous that if he finds a bad apple, he turns back the whole lot. He takes care of administration, storms in the kitchens to check that everything is running smoothly and “scrutinizes” the guests’ faces coming and going: if they’re not giving an all-out smile (luckily it doesn’t happen very often), he fusses over it for days. We do, too. But he’s just a big softy, really: when we organize events for the kids, he’s the first one to lend the entertainers a hand.


The orchids you find here at the Enjoy, all rigorously white, are her signature: simple and elegant, just like her.
The flowers and plants you see everywhere are all her doing. She has a delicate touch and an iron fist: she inspects all the rooms and supervises the governess’ work: if she finds a crease in the sheets, she straightens it out immediately!
In the kitchen, our Chef knows to make space for her, so she can passionately make desserts you won’t easily forget: lots of tarts (with jams from our orchard), cookies and chocolate salami for the little ones are her staple. She also makes the cakes that are traditional of the area, like the Nadalìn at Christmas and the Sbrisolona. Is your mouth watering yet?


Nicola is the commercial and creative mind of the family. Sometimes he goes out cycling with our guests looking for hidden corners, and though we know the area inside out, he always finds some, and they are truly breathtaking. More often than not, he is buried away in his office, studying ever more comfortable and original solutions for your vacation, to awe you away and make you want to come back.
Nicola is always brimming with ideas, and the few holidays he does take, he spends travelling the world, looking for ways to improve the Enjoy!


If my father is the hound, my mother Enjoy’s genle soul, and my brother the creative mind, I am the pragmatist, the link joining us and “the rest of the family”, i.e. Enjoy’s staff (reception, restaurant, kitchen, and so on). I want our team to be in tune with one another, and to be satisfied: in this way, everyone does a better job, and our guests notice it. They know our names, they remember us when they leave, and post pictures of their stay. When I see those all-out smiles my father likes so much, I’m happy too.
I almost forgot. When you don’t see me around at the Enjoy, overseeing to the smooth running of the business, I may be out cycling with some of you!


I am Alberto and my brother is Nicola. We are the latest generation of the Verdolin family, which has always been into hotels and catering. It all started with my father Lorenzo’s parents. Granddad Ettore and grandma Bruna were true pioneers who started off with a restaurant, and who then expanded the business with a just a few rooms. In time this inn became well-known among the travellers of the so-called “Bassa Veronese” area, the huge plain south of Verona that was famous for its rice fields.

My father grew up in the kitchen, where he tasted grandma’s pies. After helping out in his parents’ restaurant and running the inn, he met Elvira, our mum, and decided to follow in his parents’ footsteps.

Together, mum and dad kept on running the family business. Then, when my brother and I were old enough, they made the great leap, and in 1994 took on the management of their first hotel on the Garda lake, which they had always loved.

In 2012 they made an ever greater leap, which involved everybody: the Enjoy Garda Hotel has become our life and our home: we are all here from dusk till dawn; sometimes we even get a chance to sleep!


It may be because we’re here from dusk till dawn, and sometimes at night too, the fact is that we really feel at one with the professionals who work here.

We share the same mission: satisfaction of our guests is our topmost priority. We don’t smile out of courtesy, but out of true passion, because we have chosen and love this job.

Ricardo is our chef. We have entrusted him with our crown jewel, the Sugo  Italian restaurant, and he will cook for you as if you were his personal guests: with great care in the selection of ingredients and joy in giving you a tour of traditional Italian dishes, with a modern twist, and of the gastronomic excellencies of our land. At the restaurant you will be welcomed by Massimoour maître, and Maurizio, the head waiter; Our barman, will be waiting for you at the Enjoy Bar.

Simonetta and Raimund are our professional masseuses: if you have walked all day discovering Garda’s hamlets or the other bijoux villages nearby, like Verona or Mantua, you could let yourselves be pampered with an anti-stress or relaxing massage. An ayurvedic massage after cycling around does wonders, but maybe you prefer the sound massage with singing bowls?

Where we are

Need a "strategically located hotel"? That’s us! Enjoy is

3 minutes away from the motorway exit (1km)
5 minutes on foot from the railway station
10 minutes on foot from the historical centre of Peschiera and the shores of the lake
Few kilometres away from Garda’s main spas
2 km away from Gardaland and within walking distance of the free bus stop
Within walking distance from the Pederzoli nursing home

How to reach us

We feel it is important to give you all you need to live, know and understand our land, so you can feel at home, part of the family.

Peschiera is a great starting point to visit the three shores of Lake Garda (touching three regions: Veneto, where we are, Lombardy and Trentino), each with typical features, customs, traditional food and wines.

By Car

Enjoy Garda Hotel is situated only 1,5 kms away from the motorway A4 Milano-Venezio (exit Peschiera del Garda).

By Train

As it is set in a central location, we are only 100 meters far from the town train station Peschiera del Garda.

By Air

The closest airport is the Catullo (in Villafranca di Verona).