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we have selected for you 3 beautiful locations that we suggest you to visit to live an experience of deep connection with nature.

Walking along Lake Garda you can reach several panoramic points that can enchant anyone with the strength of their spectacular images.

By observing the lake from above you can understand all its splendour, especially when the air is clear and you can clearly see the contours of the mountains and the intense blue of the water that joins the sky.

Contemplating so much beauty reveals different points of view, which give an even more fascinating image of the lake than it appears from the shore.
In the midst of many proposals, we have selected for you 3 beautiful locations that we suggest you to visit to live an experience of deep connection with nature.

Tremosine and the Thrill Terrace

Tremosine is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and is located on the Brescia side of Lake Garda.

It consists of 18 hamlets that are between 400 and 600 meters above sea level, but what we recommend you visit is Pieve, which is the main one. Here, in fact, is the town hall of Tremosine, but also an old wash trough that for many years was the only way the women of the village could wash their clothes.

To get to Tremosine you have to take the Forra road, a suggestive path that passes through the mountains, along the crack carved by the Brasa stream.
Just exploring this road full of bends, tunnels and coves is a stimulating experience that will surprise you with unexpected views overlooking the lake.
When you finally arrive in Pieve, the thrill terrace awaits you: a platform suspended in the air at a height of 350 metres, from which you can dominate Lake Garda and see Monte Baldo rising on the Veronese shore.
You can also take advantage of this excursion to visit the Church of St John the Baptist, built in several stages from the 7th century onwards. You can admire a 15th-century fresco, a 17th-century altarpiece and several paintings by Francesco Barbieri.
Before organising your visit, however, check the Forra road: in some periods, it can be closed for maintenance.

The sanctuary of the Madonna di Monte Castello

The sanctuary of the Madonna di Monte Castello is located in Tignale, a small village in the province of Brescia, just 30 minutes drive from Tremosine

The building stands on a rocky spike overlooking the lake.

From the square in front of this sacred place, you can enjoy a splendid panoramic view of the Veronese shore of the lake and Mount Baldo, caressing with your eyes even Sirmione, the long landtongue that goes into the waters of Brescia.

You can get there on foot by leaving your car in the parking lot below and facing a climb of about 20 minutes, or you can get there directly by car.
Bear in mind, however, the parking spaces at the sanctuary are limited and it is not easy to find a place.
Once at the top you can enjoy the view and pay a visit to the Sanctuary, built over the remains of an ancient temple, which was later converted into a castle.

Among the most interesting things that you can admire inside are the Holy House, the frescoes of the Giotto school and the ex-voto that portrays the bandit Zanzanù during the last moments spent on earth, before his death.
This ex-vote dating back to the early 17th century is considered the largest in Europe.

Fortress of Garda

The fortress of Garda is located between Bardolino and Garda, on the Veronese shore of the lake.

You can reach it with a hike of a few kilometers through several trails, one of which starts from the church of San Bernardo in Garda.

This is a little-valued walk that not everyone knows, but it offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Brescia shore. In particular, – when you get to the viewpoint overlooking the lake – you will be able to recognise the nearby Punta San Vigilio and the more distant Sirmione and Garda Isle.
As well as being a privileged spot from which to enjoy the sunset, the fortress also bears witness to a past rich in history.
In fact, the remains of human settlements dating back to the Bronze Age have been found here, as well as finds of various types from Roman and medieval times.

In addition, an important defensive fortress was built during the Longobard period, of which only a few traces now remain.
The curiosity is linked to the name: taking its origin from the German language, the castle was in fact called Garda and gave its name both to the town at its foot and to the whole lake, which until then was known by the ancient name of Benaco.



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